Below are the Sabbat and Esbat dates for 2017. Use this list to help you plan the year ahead of you. I live in the Northern Hemisphere but I have also included the Southern Hemisphere dates as well.

January 2017

12th Monday Full Moon in Cancer


February 2017

2nd Thursday Imbolc (Northern hemisphere)

2nd Thursday Lammas (Southern Hemisphere)

10th Friday Full Moon in Leo


March 2017

12th Sunday Full Moon in Virgo

19th Sunday Ostara (Northern Hemisphere)

19th Sunday Mabon (Southern Hemisphere)


April 2017

11th Tuesday Full Moon in Libra


May 2017

1st Monday Beltane (Northern Hemisphere)

1st Monday Samhain (Southern Hemisphere)

10th Wednesday Full Moon in Scorpio


June 2017

9th Friday Full Moon in Saggitarius

21st Wednesday Litha (Northern Hemisphere)

21st Wednesday Yule (Southern Hemisphere)


July 2017

9th Sunday Full Moon in Capricorn


August 2017

1st Tuesday Lammas (Northern Hemisphere)

1st Tuesday Imbolc (Southern Hemisphere)

7th Monday Full Moon in Aquarius


September 2017

6th Wednesday Full Moon in Pisces

19th Tuesday Mabon (Northern Hemipshere)

19th Tuesday Ostara (Southern Hemisphere)


October 2017

5th Thursday Full Moon in Aries

31st Tuesday Samhain (Northern Hemisphere)

31st Tuesday Beltane (Southern Hemisphere)


November 2017

4th Saturday Full Moon in Taurus


December 2017

3rd Sunday Full Moon in Gemini

19th Tuesday Yule (Northern Hemisphere)

19th Tuesday Litha (Southern Hemisphere)