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Mabon Celebrations.

Merry Meet.

With the arrival of Mabon Summer has finally drawn to a close and the Dark Half of the Year begins. My favourite season also begins- Autumn is finally here that brings with it crisp mornings, jumpers, darker colours and hot chocolate. Not forgetting my favourite Sabbat (Samhain) as well as Mabon- the second harvest.

I’ve been a little apprehensive for the start of Autumn this year- for the past two weeks I’ve been in America on a family holiday and landed back in the UK in the early hours of the morning (don’t worry, this blog post has been typed in advance. I haven’t tried to resonate with the energies of Autumn whilst enjoying my Summer holiday!) and to go from the extreme of the Sunshine state to the UK on the very first day of Autumn I knew was going to throw me a little off centre. Don’t get me wrong though, I’ve been waiting for Autumn to begin since the end of July.

Mabon brings the complete overhaul of my altar. Stripping it back to the physical table, changing the altar cloth from Light to Dark, as well as adding my Mabon decorations. The Autumn Equinox also meant that it was time to bring Persephone back onto my Goddess altar. I had planned to switch Aphrodite to Persephone once the Dark Half took hold. Then, as Summer began to wind to a close, I couldn’t bear to part with the energies of Aphrodite and the altar I had built for her. So the decision seemed natural to just relay my Goddess altar to also include Persephone once Mabon arrived. Persephone has other ideas though. You can read more about my Goddess altar update in a separate blog post.

As I’ll still be operating on American time, my celebrations will be simple this Mabon. My altar, already set for the autumn equinox, makes there perfect setting for me to reconnect with my spiritual side and find a way to focus. I’ll do a quick meditation at my altar as well as give thanks for everything that I’ve had this year (including landing safely back in the UK) before wrapping up against the Autumn air to really connect with the equinox. Because that’s how I find it easiest to connect- to be outside.

I’d like to do a ritual, dedicated to Persephone and my newfound connection with Her, jet lag permitting. The details of this will remain mine for now, as this is the beginning of my journey with Persephone and I don’t yet fully understand the message that She has for me. This ritual will probably open up into a general Mabon celebration.

To round off my celebrations, I’ll be cooking a Mabon stew, to put me firmly back into the right frame of mind and celebrate the beginning of my favourite season. I’ll put this on when I get home, to allow it to slow cook and bring the energies of autumn into my home.

Have a blessed Mabon everyone.

Bright Blessings,

Silver Swan.


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