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Goddess Altar – Update.

Merry Meet.

With the Dark Half of the Year upon us, my altars go through a refresh. My Goddess altar being a relatively recent altar that I’ve set up, takes a little bit longer to plan and to reflect the season as well as the spiritual journey that I’m on. Since April, my altar has been set for Aphrodite, reflecting the energies of the Goddess of the Sea and of love, having items added as I’m given them by friends or by the bounty of nature. As the wheel turns, the energies of Persephone are coming to me as the Dark Maiden Goddess. I always thought that, when Mabon came, I would strip off the energies of Aphrodite and replace it with Persephone. Now that time is here though, Aphrodite is having none of it. So, my altar changes once more.

My Goddess altar, split into half for Aphrodite and Persephone. These are the two Goddesses that I have been working with recently.

This time, I’m having the representation of both Aphrodite and Persephone on my Goddess altar. The altar itself isn’t very big, sitting on top of a bookshelf, but it works well for me.

Persephone began working Her way back into my life in August. I could feel the energies of the earth shift as we prepared for the Autumn Equinox. With that shift, Persephone began to come through clearer and clearer. I had wanted to craft some prayer beads for Persephone but couldn’t quite settle on the design of the beads that would also double up as a ¬†bracelet. Round about the time She started to come through stronger, I was inspired to make Her bracelet and fell in love with it as I crafted it.

Even though August was certainly not Autumn, I knew I needed to update my altar for Persephone. So I did. Aphrodite got a refresh, a clean and a cleanse, and the altar was expanded to allow Persephone to be present there.

There isn’t much on Persephone’s side of the altar yet. My altar changes and grows as I do, as it reflects my connection with the Goddess and my spiritual journey. The more I work with her however, the more I connect with Her energies and find the perfect representations of her. So far, Her altar cloth is black (representing the dark half of the year) and has a rose quartz and amethyst parrot, a chunk of amethyst, her prayer beads when I’m not wearing them, a piece of Rhodonite¬†and black and purple candles.

Away from my altar, I have some meditations and readings to do on Persephone so that I’m able to work closer with her. As my connection with her is the Dark Maiden, it’s hard to find any “textbook” examples of Persephone and her symbolism that isn’t of Spring time, so this journey will be one that is done through talking and meditating with Persephone. I have signed up for a few journalling prompts, path working explorations, meditations, etc in relation to Persephone. I think I’m going to set up a new journal to write about my experiences with Her, or perhaps use my old Book of Shadows (that never got completed) to work through the things that I’ve signed up for. The Dark half of the year really is about learning and expanding my knowledge this year.

Bright Blessings,

Silver Swan.


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