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Finding Time for Spiritual Practice.

Merry Meet.

Be honest, how much time have you set aside for meditating this week? Working on your Book of Shadows? Communing with the Goddess? Have you drawn your daily rune / oracle card / tarot card? Have you worked with the energies of your chosen crystal of the week yet? If you’re anything like me, the answer to that is no.

Yes, you read that right. I haven’t been practicing my spirituality because I haven’t had the time. What have I been doing? Housework. Going to the day job. Looking after both of my kitties. Going on holiday. Planning other holidays. Planning my wedding. Heck, planning my blog and trying to design new products for my shop (read the word trying here) and as much as it pains me to say it- life gets in the way of my spiritual path.

Yet, I want to intertwine my normal, every day life with my spiritual life- I don’t want there to be two separate things. I want to live and breathe my spirituality. I want my daily divination reading to be a part of my morning ritual- same as washing my face and grabbing a cup of coffee. I want to have a coffee break mid morning as well as a 5 minute meditation. I want to choose the crystal that I need the energies of the most based on what my week entails. This is a dream of mine- a goal with an action plan. I need to start somewhere, and I need to start small. I wanted to share with you the little things I do to continue on my spiritual path when I don’t have time.

Daily Divination Reading.

Oracle cards are just one of the divination methods I use for a daily draw. It brings to my attention any message that the God or Goddess wants me to know.

Oracle cards are just one of the divination methods I use for a daily draw. It brings to my attention any message that the God or Goddess wants me to know.

This takes me less than 5 mins on a morning. Once I’m up and dressed, I’ll do a reading. At the  moment its an oracle card reading- but I’ve also done runes and tarot cards. Take a few centering breaths, begin to shuffle your cards (or whatever divination method you are using) and focus on the day ahead. Ask the Goddess (or whoever you’re working with) what message you need to know for today. I like to write down the card that I draw in my divination journal- but I don’t always have time for this. So, I just grab a quick photo of the card on my phone. I can look at the card during the day so I don’t loose sight of the message that the Goddess has for me and it allows me to write down my thoughts and feelings in my divination journal later on.


This has become a key part of my life this year. The mornings I have time to drink a coffee before having to head off to the day job, I sit outside (as long as it’s not raining) with my cup of coffee and allow the sounds of nature to prepare me for the day ahead. If it’s chilly, I wrap up warmer. If it’s hot outside, I tend to stay out a little longer. But I still sit outside with my cup of coffee, paying attention to the colours of my garden. I listen to the birds so I can distinguish which birds are near by.

Book Reading.

As a general rule, I always have two books on the go at any one time. One is a general reading book- my love of books means that I always have a book that I’m reading (at the moment I’m reading Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon) but my love of spirituality means that I always have another book to read, to broaden my horizon, to teach me something new or remind me of something I may have forgotten (at the moment I’m re-reading Spiral Dance by Starhawk). This is perhaps the easiest way for me to continue to develop on my spiritual path- the words I read inspire me to be creative on my Path.

Burn Incense or Light a Candle.

Lighting a candle gives me something to focus on and still my hectic mind, allowing me to concentrate on one thing as part of a meditation.

Lighting a candle gives me something to focus on and still my hectic mind, allowing me to concentrate on one thing as part of a meditation.

The scent of smell is always something that helps me to relax. It’s the easiest way for me to access a meditative state. If I have time at home (I could be reading, working on my blog or doing housework) I’ll burn some incense or light a candle. This is perhaps the quickest and simplest way for me practice my spirituality. The associations I have with scent can begin a meditation or just a general holistic way to rest.


If you commute a lot or walk alot, try turning your journey into a meditation. It can take a little practice to get the hang of a walking meditation, but it can mean the difference to feeling peaceful and feeling a little irritable for me. I usually have music playing when I’m on my way somewhere- this can be meditation music, Enya or even heavier rock music that reflects my mood. Enjoy the music and if you’re walking, take in the scenery around you. Notice where the greenery is on your route while you’re out and about. Notice the smells. If you don’t have music playing, listen to the sounds around you. Cars as the go past, birds as they sing, people talking, laughing, etc.

Have a herbal drink.

Herbal infusions are my go to at the moment when I just want ten minutes to collect myself. There’s something peaceful about infusing hot water with herbs in preparation to drink. I’ve recently begun to craft my own infusions, which takes a little thought and research into what herbs I can / cannot use and the energies associated with them. a quick win for me is mint- such a calming scent, especially when a bit of honey is added. Take the time it takes you to drink your cup to relax, breathe the fresh air and look around you to notice what you have that surrounds you.


Bright Blessings,
Silver Swan


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