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All Hallows Week 2017 – Day Two.

Merry Meet.

Tonight is all about Deity- specifically, the Gods and Goddesses that are linked to Samhain. My focus will, once again, be on the Goddess. All of my writings on my blog come from my personal experiences. Although in the past month I have begun to experience energies of the God- they for the time being will remain private experiences.

Whilst meditating with Persephone, I drew a tarot card and pulled the hanged man. I needed to look at something from a different perspective.

Whilst meditating with Persephone, I drew a tarot card and pulled the hanged man. I needed to look at something from a different perspective.

Reading back over my previous All Hallows Week posts on the Goddess it gives me a sense of just how far my journey with the Goddess has taken me in the past 12 months.  Approximately 12 months ago, I tried to work with Hecate for Samhain. I got a very resounding ‘no’ from her and instead, Persephone came through. That first contact was exactly that- the first contact that I’d really had with a Goddess. It was unlike anything I had experienced before and yet now it doesn’t doesn’t even scratch the surface. From around February, Aphrodite came through and swept me off my feet. I was unsure about working with the Goddess of Love, but put my trust in Her, just as she asked me to do. So when Persephone came back as Autumn began sneaking back in, I trusted Her and in return, I felt a stronger connection with Her than I did the previous year. And then I received my first vision dream of a Goddess who spoke to me.



I was in a cave, no knowledge of the outside world. Flames danced in the centre of the cave, in a cauldron like basin. The flames cast shadows on the cave walls, making an intimate setting that was also comforting. Stood to one side was a young girl, dark haired with a long gown on her. I looked at her, recognised her on some level as Persephone and she held her hand out to me, smiling and saying ‘come my daughter, and look’ with that, I looked into the flames, and began to pay attention to the shapes on the walls- the shadows- and knew that my link to Persephone and to the underworld as well as my shadow self- would play a heavy theme for me this Dark Half.


A relatively small dream, but profound on my connection with the Goddess and the Dark Half of the Year. From there, I wanted to learn more about Persephone. I signed up to journal prompts, newsletters and even bought a book that focused solely on the Dark Goddess and went through the stories of the Dark Goddesses and their Descent into the underworld. That one sparked my interest- I’d never heard of doing a Descent and Ascent before and wanted to learn more. I haven’t been brave enough to conduct a Descent into the Underworld this year but there is certainly a pull towards it. Only when I face my shadow self and face the death of me to meet the Dark Goddess can I be whole. There are aspects of me that I’m uncomfortable with and to an extent, ashamed off. I know that now. I know I want to face those things to be able to accept myself for who I am. This involves shadow working and eventually, a descent to meet the Dark Goddess for me to be stripped bare to begin to rebuild with the things that I want and the future that I want.


Interestingly, I’m also getting an energy of a Dark Goddess who, for the moment is nameless and faceless but who keeps popping up for me. I haven’t experienced any other Dark Goddesses, aside from Persephone. I know people who have worked with Hecate, or the Morrigan, but I’ve not had much of an experience myself. I’m unsure what this relationship is- a one off ‘I have a message for you’ or a ‘I’m here to help you with something whether you want my help or not’ but only time will give me that message.

There seems to be some form of stigma associated with Dark Goddesses. That you don’t want to work with them, that you need to be careful and wary; that they represent something dark or unnatural. We fear death or the underworld and everything that encompasses- including the Gods and Goddessess that have dominion over those areas- because we don’t understand it fully. Death is a natural aspect of life- there’s no escaping it and is a part of the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Once we accept that for what it is- a part of a cycle and not the end, some of that fear ebbs away. After being taught something so different to the above statement, it is hard to wrap your head around. It’s undoing years upon centuries of conditioning that humans have been given over the years. Only when we embrace the Dark Goddess and really get to know Her do we begin to understand life, and death, on a more profound level.

Have you worked with a Dark Goddess before? Get in touch!

Until tomorrow, Bright Blessings,
Silver Swan.


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