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All Hallows Week 2017- Day One.

Merry Meet,

The feeling of Autumn is definitely in the air in October.

The feeling of Autumn is definitely in the air in October.

Can you feel it? That electric spark that is in the air as the veil begins to thin? As the air turns crisp? As the nights grow longer? The Witches Season began when the line between Summer and Autumn was crossed but the sense of excitement and anticipation is at its strongest now. Even those who are not witches can sense that there is something in the air. For those who are witches- the energy can steal your senses and leave you on a magickal high.

As the sun sets on October 31st and the last of the trick or treaters have left your front door, the magick of Samhain truly begins. We light a candle, burn the incense, commune with our ancestors and embrace the Dark Goddess in all Her glory. We remember the fallen, our ancestors, our heritage. We divine our future, seeking answers to questions we have long wanted to know. We spend tonight in solitude, or perhaps with loved ones whether that be family, friends or a coven. We embrace our inner Witch and everything that being a witch encompasses for you.

Allow me to introduce you to All Hallows Week- 2017!

All Hallows Week is inspired from Margie McArthur’s All-Hallows Week which you can read about in her book WiccaCraft For Families: the Path of the Hearthfire. The version that you will find on my blog has been adapted by me in a way that I celebrate Samhain. It’s no secret that this time of year is my favourite and this gives me a week long celebration!

The Witches New Year is definitely my favourite Sabbat; Hallowe’en has always held a special place in my heart, long before I began to walk my Pagan Path. So it became natural for me to celebrate Samhain on my blog with a week long celebration in which you can all join me! To join in on social media, please make sure you use #AHW17 so I can see what your sharing, posting and celebrating!

If you’ve been reading my blog for the past few years (a massive thank you to those that have) you’ll know that I LOVE doing this lead up to Samhain. I get so excited and put a lot of work and preparation into this one week. Each year, I do something a little different, I add something new or try something different. I’m driven to find new and exciting ways in which I can share my love of Hallowe’en and Samhain with you!

So, what will be new for All Hallows Week 2017 you ask? I will be hosting giveaways! Ah yes, you can feel my excitement now can’t you? I’ve come to know some amazing people whilst walking my Path, and they have been very generous in helping me create the most amazing prize giveaways! So, you could be in with a chance of winning one of several tarot readings that are up for grabs, or some goodies from my shop Ocean Crystal!

The Prizes

Tarot Reading from Wildly Witch.

Kallan Giveaway

“This is a simple one-question reading in which you can get answers to questions like, “How can I bring more love into my life?” “What do I need to do to grow more, spiritually?” “Is now a good time for me go to back to school?” or any other issue with which you may be struggling at the moment.” This tarot reading is normally priced at $25 but could be yours for free. You can find out more about Kallan and her website at


Samhain Tarot Reading by Lashette.

Lashette Giveaway

“Samhain Tarot Reading Samhain or Calan Gaeaf, is the end of the harvest and often thought of as the witches’ New Year. The God dies, the Crone lives and the veil between worlds is thin. Death and rebirth and transformation are its themes. This Samhain reading is meant to help you see the cycle or the two sides of your question or situation by looking at the mundane world and the otherworld. If you win this reading, tell me your question or the situation you would like to focus on and pick which deck you would prefer me to use. From there I will email you a pdf of your reading that includes pictures of your spread, closeups and an explanation for each followed by a summary of it all. Your deck choices are the Faeries Oracle Deck or the Deviant Moon Tarot Deck. Good luck and Blessed Samhain.” Lashette, owner of Scarlet Moon Creates is offering a Samhain focused tarot reading that allows you to look at a specific question or situation of your choosing.


Samhain Bracelet from Ocean Crystal.

Samhain Braceletnew

I have made a Samhain bracelet to giveaway this All Hallows Week – as with all of the bracelets I make which are usually made to order- I have meditated on the energies associated with the bracelet- so in this case Samhain- before creating the bracelet which also doubles up as prayer beads to help you get in tune with the energies that surround Samhain. Containing black agate, it can be used in meditation or worn as a bracelet to carry the energies of the season with you.

Unfortunately, the Samhain bracelet from Ocean Crystal is only available for UK residents due to shipping costs.


How do you win these prizes?

1 – Like the pages on Facebook of the business that are donating these prizes plus the page for The Solitary Pagan. I’ve linked them below for you – once you’ve liked the pages, comment below and let me know that you’ve done that! Each like counts as one entry.

The Solitary Pagan

Ocean Crystal

Wildly Witch

Scarlet Moon Creations 

2 – Share this blog post on your social media and link to your post below! The more shares, the more entries you get but only one share per platform is valid (so one for facebook, one for twitter, one for pinterest, etc)

Go ahead, get liking and sharing – Good Luck!

Tarot spread for Samhain.

As the veil thins, and the Goddess changes her robes once more, now is the perfect time to perform a bit of divination. sometimes there’s a question that we need guidance on. Sometimes we want a peek into the future. Sometimes, we want a way in which we can commune with our ancestors.

My favourite form of divination has always been tarot- although I do like to use oracle cards for a daily reading and have recently been working with Runes – for the first night of All Hallows Week, I’ll be doing a tarot spread using my beloved mermaid tarot cards. As I’ve been working with ancestral energy recently, I wanted to focus on a spread that explores the ancestors and the link that they have to you. As this reading is personal to me, the message in it is only intended for me- but I wanted to share the reading and the cards that I drew for Samhain. 

I used my mermaid tarot deck and my inheritance from my ancestors as the base of my ancestral altar. I placed it in front of my altar and lit candles for the God and Goddess, some for light, my Persephone altar also had candles lit and I finally lit a candle in honour of my ancestors. I laid my family tree that I had hand drawn last year as a link to my paternal ancestors- the altar itself was my link to my maternal ancestors. I mediated for a while, focusing on each name of my ancestors and thinking about what information I knew about them. I named them all out loud, even though several of them had the same name. Then I asked them to help me as I began to shuffle my tarot deck- I knew the questions I had for them and told them this as I continued to shuffle. When it felt right, I dealt the top several cards and drew the ones you can see above. The most confusing part of this spread was the answer to which ancestor was present with me- I drew the 10 of wands. The card itself represents a weakness, or sacrificing innocence. I don’t know enough about my ancestors to know what this could be referring to. I got a very distinctive feminine energy though and thought I was linked to my maternal ancestors during the tarot reading and the meditation that formed the part of the evening. My favourite card in this was the final one – The World. My healing message from my ancestors was intuition, discovery, success and victory. I feel I am in a crossover stage between intuition and discovery. I haven’t felt as connected to my ancestors as I did doing this tarot spread. I felt honoured and humbled that this was their message for me. I didn’t necessarily get a name of the ancestor who was present with me- but it did feel similar to the energy I felt when I first brought the storage box home, but still didn’t get a name. 

Of course, tarot isn’t the only form of divination. Runes, pendulum, oracle and others are all great ways to try and divine your past, present or future. I personally have used runes, oracle cards and had a go at pendulums- although I never quite got the hang of that one.

If you have any forms of tarot / runes spreads that would like to share, or have done a divination reading yourself and would like to share them with me, share them with #AHW17 so I can see them!

Don’t forget to enter into the prize giving to be in with a chance to win one of two tarot readings that are available!

Until tomorrow, bright blessings,
Silver Swan.


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  1. Hannah 28th October 2017

    Hi liked and shared 🙂 x

    • SilverSwan 5th November 2017 — Post author

      Congratulations! You have won a tarot reading from Wildly Witch and the Samhain bracelet from Ocean Crystal. Please DM me through my facebook page so that I can pass your details on. Blessed Be!

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