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All Hallows Week 2017 – Day Four.

Merry Meet,

The feast of the Sabbat is always my favourite aspect! Whether that be ritual wine and cake or the feast that is celebrated between my loved ones and I. I usually spend a few days on the lead up to Samhain baking and cooking, but this year was a little different. Firstly, I am spending the weekend in Glastonbury to celebrate the beginning of the Witches New Year and I am also working during the day leading up to the 31st. So, this year will be a little bit different for me.



Witches cookies are one of the few things that I baked this year.

Witches cookies are one of the few things that I baked this year.

I haven’t had as much time as I would like to do some baking this year! I did make some cookies though! They were really quick and easy to do, and came out a treat. I have made several things in the past, including a cake, savoury foods, sweets, buns and other styles of cookies. I’m hoping to host a hallowe’en party next year, so I have a reason to do more baking!





My snacks include a lot of chocolate!

My snacks include a lot of chocolate!

A lot of my snacks this year have been store bought. Which, in all honesty, upsets me a little. I just didn’t have the time to do the normal baking and cooking shenanigans I normally get up to. So along with my homemade cookies, I bought some goodies with a Halloween theme to satisfy my sweet tooth and to munch on during the trip to Glastonbury! Another of my favourite snacks is roasted pumpkin seeds, which I find to be very morish. I have yet to carve my pumpkin- I only have a small one this year- but I use the innards to create pumpkin soup and roast the seeds to snack on. I usually do a batch of both plain and sprinkled with paprika. Depending on which I fancy, I then have a choice!

What are your favourite foods for Samhain? Let me know!

Until tomorrow,
Bright Blessings,

Silver Swan.


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