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All Hallows Week 2017 – Day Five.

Merry Meet,

Tonight is for the remembrance and honour of your ancestors. Whether you honour the memory of your grandparents or great grandparents, or choose tonight to look back through your family history- tonight is a time to honour your roots. To look back through the passage of time and to remember. To share the stories of your family with your children- or gather your elders and encourage them to speak of their childhood and memories of their older relatives.

I was told by my parents only this year to not forget where I came from. It was meant as a passing comment about how far my fiancé and I have come since we left home nearly 10 years ago. I assured them that we wouldn’t forget- and that we are proud of where we’ve come from, but as tonight and it’s theme of ancestry approached, this sentiment came to the front of my mind again. My roots, as I call them, span back over the centuries. Passed from generation to generation my family bloodline is one that sparked much interest for me. If you followed my All Hallows 2016, you’ll have seen the image of my family tree that I had worked on last Samhain that started with me and ends with a relative from the early 1700’s. I loved being able to research into my family tree and learn about where they lived and what they did for a living. There’s still a lot of work to do on my family tree- but this year’s focus is a little different. As my nanna’s health deteriorated and she was moved into a home, her old house was cleared out as she would no longer be living there. My mum asked me if I wanted a box that used to live in my nanna’s front room- I immediately said yes. A little worn around the edges and in need of a facelift, but steeped in energies that belonged to my ancestry. Not long after I received the box, it was placed in my front room until I had the money to do a face lift. It started to accumulate mail that was placed on top- until one night the mail was flung across the room from the top of the box. I was laid on the sofa and stared in surprise as my mail went flying. I then had a cold chill in the room and felt a female presence that was in no way threatening and had a homely feeling to it. After a couple of hours the presence and the feeling left- and I haven’t experienced anything since. It was then that I found that this box, that had once belonged to my nanna, had also once belonged to my great grandmother and was roughly 150 years old. From that point on, I knew I had a new ancestral altar.

My ancestral altar sits in front of my main altar and is minimalistic in its design.

My ancestral altar sits in front of my main altar and is minimalistic in its design.

So, as a part of my celebration of Samhain and in honour of my ancestors, I’m setting up my ancestral altar on my ancestors box. The tarot spread that I did at the beginning of All Hallows Week also works with my ancestors, and draws on which ancestors are currently around me and what I have inherited from them. As a witch, I haven’t particularly worked with my ancestors in my magick, but is certainly something that I’ve thought about this year. I began to wonder, did I have any Pagan ancestors? I’ve gone back to the early 1700’s and nothing so far that has been written in the records- but I figured if I want to know, who better to ask than my ancestors themselves? So, this year, whilst I worked on my ancestral altar, I thought of my family, my history, my ancestors- my roots.

Until Tomorrow,
Bright Blessings,

Silver Swan.


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  1. Hannah Parlabean 5th November 2017

    That’s a great experience. What a great use for it. I’d quite like to look into working with my ancestors and learning more about them. How did you find out your information about your family tree? Xx

    • SilverSwan 5th November 2017 — Post author

      I interviewed my family! Parents, and grandparents if they’re still alive. Then using a researching website to gain access to family records and start working your way back. The more you know the easier it is to start.

      • Hannah Parlabean 5th November 2017

        I’m gonna really need to get on that. Tried a couple of times before but was getting a bit complicated. I’ll need to go back to it all again soon.

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