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All Hallows Week 2017 – Day Six.

Merry Meet,

As tonight is reserved for those who have passed over in the last twelve months, I wanted to take a moment to remember all of those soul who are very missed by loved ones. I’ve been fortunate to not have anyone I know pass over this year but I remember the pain and sorrow when you lose someone close to you. My thoughts and prayers are with anyone who have lost a loved one- be that human or animal- in these past twelve months. I’m lighting a few extra candles on my altar tonight in honour of those souls.

Whilst I was honouring my ancestors, I also lit a candle for the forgotten.

Whilst I was honouring my ancestors, I also lit a candle for those who are no longer on this world but are not forgotten. 


As I have not had anyone cross over this year, this post will be a short one. Take the time tonight to connect with your loved ones- family, friends, pets. Know that although our time on earth is short, death is not the end but only part of a cycle. Hold those that are still here with us a little tighter tonight- let them know how much you care and how much they are loved. If you have lost someone – allow yourself to grieve. Seek solace in those around you. Say your final goodbyes as the souls of the dead are gathered over the next few days and sent on to whatever awaits them.



Until Tomorrow,
Bright Blessings,

Silver Swan.



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