Merry Meet.

I thought I’d add a little bit in here about the Pagan Business Network that I am a part of. You can find the main group over on Facebook here, or sign up via their website here.

Pagan-owned businesses growing through collaboration, cooperation, sharing knowledge and building exposure.

The above is the goal of the Pagan Business Network, and provides several resources to help anyone who owns a Pagan Business or a Pagan friendly business.They offer a group setting in which to learn and grow. I am an admin for the group, and will shamelessly sing their praises as I have made some fantastic friends there and discovered some amazing shops in which to make my purchases!

Collaborationl Cooperation l Resources l Development


Come and join us if you are a Pagan Business, thinking of starting your own, are friendly towards Pagans; or looking for somewhere to buy your magickal supplies.

What we offer
-Member Blog Rolls          – Swag Bag Opportunities
-Business Spotlights         – Resources of Wholesalers
-Trades                                      – Resources of Pagan Businesses
-Link Ladders                         -Radio station
-Discussion Forum               -Advertising opportunities

and much more. We accept anyone into the network but please make sure you check out the guidelines when you join!

Bright Blessings,
Silver Swan