Merry Meet!

Hello, hello, come on in. Take a seat- tea, coffee, water? If you’ve had a look around my blog already, you’ll already know the themes that I discuss. Perhaps, however, you’ve just stumbled across my neck of the words- in which case I say welcome!

My name is Silver Swan, and I’m an Eclectic Pagan. I walk a solitary Path and have done so for several years. I began my Path when I came across a book titled Wicca, by Cate Tiernan when I was in high school. At the tender age of 13, I was fascinated by this book (and I highly recommend them) and started researching fact from fiction. I defined myself as Wiccan when I first began on my Pagan Path, but with several aspects just not feeling right to me, I slowly became Pagan and finally Eclectic Pagan.

My interests lay in Greek and Egyptian mythology / Pantheons, herbology, Tarot and spirit animals. Feel free to contact me, find me on social networking sites, or just walk my Path with me through my blog The Solitary Pagan!

Blessed Be,
Silver Swan