The 13 Goals of a Witch are listed below. This list published by Scott Cunningham gives some goals for witches to work towards. I will be referring to these often, as I explore them fully, I’ll write a description of each goal but for now, you can find the 13 goals below.

Know yourself

Know your craft


Apply knowledge with wisdom

Achieve balance

Keep your words in good order

Keep your thoughts in good order

Celebrate life

Attune with the cycles of the earth

Breathe and eat correctly

Exercise the body


Honour the Goddess and God

I do not own the 13 goals, but the interpretations that will eventually follow are mine. Please feel free to use the 13 goals, but if you also use my interpretations, I ask that you refer back to my blog, thank you!

My workings with the 13 Goals of a Witch.

1- Know yourself.

For me, this one is the first on the list for a reason.


Silver Swan.